Security | Privacy | Digital Sovereignty

EpiphyteOne was formed with a simple and achievable goal in mind – put small to medium sized organizations in control of their data. Over the past decade we have been observing the trend towards centralization and consolidation of the IT industry, affectionately dubbed “the cloud.” This term often conjures the image of an ethereal bucket into which the world pours its data. In reality it is nothing more than leased space on someone else’s computers, managed by someone else’s software, and accessed over a globally shared network.

While leasing space in the cloud can have its advantages, it is not a digital panacea. Cloud services are extremely tempting targets for hacking and espionage because of the vast quantity of data they store for thousands or even millions of users. Additionally, most cloud service companies are reluctant to let users export their data should they want to move it to a competitor’s service. Perhaps most concerning are the long and complicated service agreements and privacy policies that most cloud service providers make their customers sign when creating an account.

Thankfully, there is another option. In our present age of low cost computing hardware and software platforms, it is perfectly feasible for organizations of any size to run their own systems, with all the privacy, customization, and control that direct ownership entails.

We’re here to serve businesses and organizations that desire ownership of and control over their mission critical data, but may not have the expertise or time to do it all themselves. Our team of IT professionals and project managers will help you plan and implement systems that are secure, convenient, and scalable.